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Vaccination coverage data for selected preventable diseases in children for 2022 in the Czech Republic • Prospects for vaccination against tuberculosis • Tuberculosis as an occupational disease • Long-term rehabilitation care in connection with post-vaccination reaction •

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Higher incidence of varicella in the Czech Republic after nationwide pandemic preventive measures against COVID-19 • Vaccination against pneumococcal infections of clients of social services facilities • Tularemia, Francisella tularensis, and live vaccine strain LVS • The sentiments of texts about vaccination and its influence on lay decision-making • Dengue fever – a frequent imported infection even in the Czech Republic

02 / 2023

Real data on the occurrence of shingles in the Czech Republic in the years 2010–2022

01 / 2023

Vaccination against rotavirus infections, data about failures of vaccination in information systems.

04 / 2022

We have started a new year, and it turns out that it will not be any easier than the previous years. We faced a sharp increase in respiratory diseases, where three basic pathogens played a key role – the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the influenza virus and the RS virus. This wave led to an increased demand for analgesics, but also antibiotics, for which our system was obviously not prepared.

03 / 2022

Currently, we perceive a relatively massive occurrence of RS viruses in particular. An example is Germany, where a major epidemic took place in recent weeks and is still taking place, logically affecting especially the youngest years of the population.

02 / 2022

Covid-19 has not disappeared into the abyss of history, as we all wished, but it is still here with us and, unfortunately, it makes itself known. In recent days, we have seen the expected increase in positive detections, but also the increasing number of hospitalized patients.

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